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Monett R-1 Healthy Schools Healthy Communities

Let's Build a Healthier Future for Missouri! 
Healthy Schools Healthy Communities empowers communities to build a healthier future for children and families across Missouri. We bring together schools, community organizations, businesses, parents, and residents to identify and push for changes that increase access to healthy food and physical activity where our kids live, learn and play. 

It's going to take all of us, working together, to bring change to Missouri.

How is Healthy Schools Healthy Communities creating a change?
From introducing healthier foods and more opportunities for physical activity in schools, to creating safer places to be active in the community - we are making changes to schools and local environments that will have a lasting impact. And, we are providing the knowledge, tools, and support to help families make change happen at home. Together, we are working to reduce childhood obesity in Missouri. 

Working with schools to offer healthier food and increase physical activity throughout the school day.

Engaging the community to provide new opportunities for our kids to eat healthy and get active where they live and play.

Partnering with childcare providers to make sure our kids have a healthy start in life.

Our kids deserve a healthy future. It's up to us to make it happen. Join us! 

Healthy Schools Healthy Communities is an initiative of Missouri Foundation for Health. 
Alex Hutchings: MMS November Fit Friday Posted: Friday, November 18, 2016 at 3:01 PM Discuss
MMS's second Fit Friday was a hit! Fit Fridays are happening at MMS once a month during homeroom time. This months theme was different line dances. Check our the video, the students loved it!
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What's New with Monett R-1 HSHC!
Farm to School - School Gardens
While we are all hoping for sunshine and warmer days amongst these repeated rainy days, the rain has been much needed for our school gardens. This year our school gardens expanded to all four K - 8th grade campuses. Check out the pictures below to see the wonderful flourishing gardens! A big thank you to Mr. Ferguson, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Meng, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Earnest and all our other garden helpers! We can't wait to watch the gardens continued success.

CANCELLED - Walk to School Friday, April 28th
Walk to School has been cancelled today Friday, April 28th due to storms.
NO Walk to School Today, April 26th
Due to impending rain and storms we will not be walking to school this morning, April 26th. Please Share! Come out and join us tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 26th - Walk to School
ATTENTION WALK TO SCHOOL STUDENTS: Please stay tuned to the weather in the am, IF the weather consists of rain and storms we will NOT be walking to school. A final call will be made by 6:30 am in the morning. Please feel free to share.

Walk to School - April 24th - 28th
Save the Date! Walk to School week begins NEXT week April 24th - 28th! Come out and join us.

Monett on the Move - Community Walk
Join us the last two Saturdays of each month!

School Gardens Expanding

Through Barry + Lawrence counties HSHC efforts both community and school gardens have been implemented and shown success in Monett. School gardens were introduced to some of our K through 8th grades students Fall 2016, with the expansion of Farm to School efforts beginning Spring 2017.

Farm to School refers to a school-based strategy that focuses on creating a healthy school food environment. Through Farm to School – School Gardens students engage in hands-on learning through gardening. Why Farm to School? Farm to School activities;

  • Support children’s development of healthy eating habits (1)
  • Improve early child and K-12 eating behaviors, including choosing those healthier options in the cafeteria and consuming more fruits and vegetables through farm to school meals and at home; (1)
  • Show less consumption of unhealthy foods and sodas; reducing screen time; and increasing physical activity. (1)
  • Increase the knowledge and awareness about gardening, agriculture, healthy eating, local foods and seasonality (1)
  • Demonstrate willingness to try new foods and healthier options (1)
  • Enhanced overall academic achievement in K-12 settings; provides children with an understanding of agriculture and the environment; and improves life skills, self-esteem, social skills and behavior. (1)
  • (Key outcomes provided by National Farm to School Network – The Benefits of Farm to School)

Our Spring 2017 expansion includes twelve additional raised garden beds, for a total of twenty beds over our four K – 8th grade campuses. Two additional campuses have added indoor tower gardens to overcome growing season challenges as well having the availability to start growth earlier. School gardens are living laboratories that create teaching opportunities ripe for nutrition and agriculture education and experiential education across all disciplines. Our ability to partner with a local organization, The Niche has improved our ability to educate both our teachers administering the gardens and our students. The Niche had provided field trip opportunities where our students are able to come and tour their grounds, learn about soil, determine what plants should be planted according to season, temperature and sun as well as learn from Farmer John himself on additional gardening techniques.

Teachers Terri Brooks, Dean Ferguson, Erin Meng, Penny Smith and Garrison Earnest are working hard to incorporate these Farm to School gardens into their classroom curriculum. We look forward to reporting their success of our expansion and how these gardens have proved beneficial in their classrooms.

1. The Benefits of Farm to School . (n.d.). National Farm to School Network .

Cub Pride Article (February 24, 2017) by Mrs. Alex Severs, Wellness Coordinator

Healthy Schools Healthy Communities Marks Fourth Year in Monett: Expands Reach

Healthy Schools Healthy Communities (HSHC), an initiative by the Missouri Foundation for Health, strives to increase access to healthy food and physical activity where our kids live, learn and play. The community of Monett joins the Monett School District in the initiative to bring together the school, community organizations, businesses, parents and residents to implement healthy activities. HSHC supports collaboration between schools and community organizations to help Missouri children grow up at a healthy weight.

Today, twenty-eight percent of Missouri kids ages 10 to 17 are overweight or obese. Monett is one of thirteen HSHC collaborations in the state working to make it easier for kids to eat healthy and be active. We are committed to making changes in Monett that will have a lasting impact.

Over the past three years, Healthy Schools Healthy Communities coordinators in Monett have made positive changes such as walking infrastructure improvements both within the community and on school campus grounds, conducting Walk-to-School days and weeks that draw over 200 students at each event, growing a surplus of fresh produce in the community garden that was consumed by residents and donated to organizations like the Community Kitchen, and more! These examples only skim the surface of the many positive changes that have taken place across the community of Monett.

The Monett community and Monett School District worked to develop additional plans for improving school and community environments for kids and their families for the year ahead. Plans for Monett in 2017 and beyond include additional school/learning gardens for all K-8th grade campuses, additional water filling stations across the campuses, including a Win with Water campaign, and health-centered activity days. On the community end, the focus is on continuing to reach and provide resources to at-risk populations in the Monett community, specifically children. Currently, we are working with the YMCA to expand access to the PrimeTime after-school program to families whose children are receiving free or reduced lunch. This assures that children are not going home to empty homes but, rather, are receiving a healthy snack and participating in fun physical and learning-inspired activities.

As part of Win with Water, a campaign of HSHC, Monett has installed water filling stations at all K-8th grade campuses. The filling stations will allow students to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Along with promoting healthy eating and physical activity within the school, it is the goal of HSHC to promote these activities within the community while aligning our efforts with community leaders. By working closely with the City of Monett, the Monett Chamber, Barry County Health Department, and other organizations there are now increased resources for healthy eating and physical activity within the Monett community.

“Twenty-five percent of Missourians have limited access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity can often be limited. Through Healthy Schools Healthy Communities, we want to help energize communities and provide the necessary resources to drive change,” said Deidre Griffith, program director at Missouri Foundation for Health. “Missouri Foundation for Health is committed to supporting local efforts that create healthier opportunities for children, families, and communities.”

February Calendar of Events
Don't forget to stay tuned to our Social Media pages and Webpage for our monthly calendar of events! March's calendar will be posted March 1st.

Cubs on the Move - Zumba
Yesterday, February 8th our MES Cubs on the Move students got to participate in Zumba with Lupita! The kids loved it, thank you Lupita!

Cubs on the Move - Wrestling/Track Introductions
Wednesday, January 18th MES students had their first Cubs on the Move for the Spring 2017 semester. A big thank you to Coach Semerad and his two helpers Matthew Bahl and Ethan Umfleet for teaching the students some basic wrestling and track techniques. The students really enjoyed the foxtails and relays!

January Calendar of Events
Don't forget to stay tuned to our Social Media pages and Webpage for our monthly calendar of events! February's calendar will be posted February 1st.

Cubs on the Move - Taekwondo

Cubs on the Move - Taekwondo

Last Wednesday our MES students had their last Cubs on the Move for the semester. Dale Mackey from Gold Dragon Taekwondo shared Taekwondo with the students! He also shared some important lessons with our students regarding bullying and safety. Thank you Mr. Mackey!

December Calendar of Events
December calendar of events. Enjoy your holiday season we will inform you of our upcoming Spring events in January!

Cub Pride Article - December 2, 2016 - by Mrs. Alex Severs, Wellness Coordinator:

“Healthy Schools Healthy Communities: Looking Back”

During the month of October, our HSHC Community Coordinator, School Coordinator(s), and their champions had the opportunity to attend the annual HSHC Conference. Monett HSHC had the opportunity to learn about successes in other schools and communities and to network and celebrate successes of their own. A great resource that all schools and communities receive at these meetings is their yearly evaluation reports provided by the John Snow Institute (JSI). This year Barry and Lawrence Counties provided a look back of data from the first year (Fall 2013) to present.

We are proud to share that these reports truly show we are moving Monett HSHC forward in our counties. Below are highlights from 2013 to 2016:

-82 HSHC-related meetings were held in 2015-2016.
-During 2015 – 2016, Barry and Lawrence Counties leveraged 2,459 volunteer hours to move HSHC efforts forward.
-$21,648 was leveraged in Barry and Lawrence Counties beyond HSHC funding in 2015-2016.
-$374,331 has been leveraged in Barry and Lawrence Counties since the start of HSHC.
-During 2015, 2016 Barry and Lawrence Counties hosted 49 programs and events reaching over 8,000 people, including a few of the following;
-Healthy Communities Cooking Classes
-Cubs on the Move
-IMAGEN Summer Camp
-Cubs on the Run – Couch to 5k Training
-Walk-to-School Week
-And MORE!

8 practice, policy, and environmental changes were made, including a long-term transportation plan passed by the City of Monett. The plan includes a sales tax that will generate revenue to support pedestrian transportation and infrastructure.
20,280 people were reached through practice, policy, and environmental changes.

During this conference, both your HSHC Community Coordinator and School Coordinator were recognized for a number of awards, from Collaboration to Most Resources Leveraged. Our Collaboration award demonstrates the great partnership HSHC has not only with the school, but also with the City of Monett. Monett HSHC is extremely grateful for the support and success that would not have been possible without the Monett City Council.

The week of November 21st , your HSHC Community and School Coordinators had the opportunity to show their gratitude to Monett City Council for their partnership. The City Council was presented an Award of Appreciation for its amazing partnership in helping us exceed our goals with this HSHC initiative. From infrastructure changes to support and more, thank you, Monett City Council! We look forward to continuing this partnership as we continue to move HSHC Barry and Lawrence Counties forward.

If you would like more information regarding the Barry and Lawrence Counties’ 2015 – 2016 Evaluation Report, please visit our District Wellness page; you will find evaluation reports on the right-hand side.

+ Bounous, Patty
+ Severs, Alexandria
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